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Meet Ann & Sondra

Sondra Martinez MS, AP, YTT

As the daughter of a yogi, I have had life long exposure to yoga and whole foods. My purpose is to help others tap into their best self through nature and natural healing. Ayurveda is a way of life, Yoga is a support and Nutrition is pure pleasure. Indulge with me in all the sweetness that life offers and experience a new way of living. 

Ann DiLorenzo MS, E-RYT

I bring my students down the path of self-love and healing without judgment.  To be compassionate toward themselves and to begin to look inwards. With Yoga and health education, the possibilities of living a happy and healthy life are endless. 

Yoga therapist, Pranayama, mother daughter, support team, holistic health

Health Educators, Spirit Seekers, Movement Specialists, Mother & Daughter

Uniting body, mind, and spirit through connection and ancient wisdom. As health educators and yoga instructors for more than 60 years combined, we are passionate about helping others find balance and harmony in their lives. Through the wisdom embodied by the ancients we bring to you movement, breathwork, healthy living and eating. With awareness and mindful intention each and every one of us has the power to live with joy and peace.  

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